Mission Statement

We are a non-profit theater organization and performance arts academy based in Camarillo, California, in the greater Ventura County area dedicated to providing the finest theater, and offering the chance for performers to be a part of our productions. Center Stage Players and Arts, or, C.S.P.A Repertory’s main focus is captivating the audience with productions through our performers, and technical designs. C.S.P.A is also dedicated to offering performers of all ages and experience level, the opportunity to perform in our productions. C.S.P.A will offer an enriching and educational experience to all participants. Participants will be taught performance techniques, theories, and practices. Participants will also be introduced to new means of self expression. C.S.P.A is looking toward the future of theater and welcomes original playwrights to reach out to us with concepts or finished plays you would like to see performed. Our theater company was established on January 4th, 2019, although, our board of directors have centuries of combined theater and business experience.

C.S.P.A is putting “community” back in community theater. We are hear to offer free seminars and coaching to all of our performers, teach the works of classical and modern playwrights to our performers, educate our participants of different techniques one may use to express themselves and offer a welcoming environment free of judgment or social “clicks,” in which all are welcome.

As of March 7th, 2019, we are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. This allows us to accept donations (tax deductible for the donors), and be tax exempt which in return gives C.S.P.A.R the ability to use more funds on growing our organization and offering more teaching and life changing theatrical experiences to our performers.

C.S.P.A.R will be offering a free education of the theater (acting techniques, teaching classic and modern playwrights literature, proper singing techniques, movement techniques, and teaching those who may want to learn about the technical aspects of live theater, rather than performance) through our productions.

C.S.P.A.R offers a wide variety of private and group lessons through our performance arts academy which is open SEVEN days a week. For more information about C.S.P.A.R’s Performance Arts Academy, check out our Performing Arts Academy link on our menu.

From children to adults, beginners to experts, C.S.P.A welcomes all and offers everyone a safe, enriching, educational and professional experience.

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